Conversations to Cash with Suzanne Evans

The breakthrough formula to ultimate financial freedom

Finally! Discover the key core secrets that transform simple 15-minute conversations with prospects into massive revenue. That will deliver you from having to worry about money … forever!

Suzanne Evans

For the first time EVER — I share the EXACT formula that transformed my life from struggling secretary to 7-figure freedom. And I know it can transform yours as well!

Dear Entrepreneur:

Day after day, month after month, it's the biggest complaint I get. And as the weeks go by, it's getting louder. More plaintive. More desperate. it's a problem that is growing at an alarming rate. And if you don't get to the crux of it, it can cost you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

In fact, it can even cost you your business.

Because, as an Entrepreneur, you are overwhelmed, frustrated and at your wit's end. Because folks who seem to know what they are doing keep telling you, you need to do MORE to build a successful business

Facebook. Fan Pages. Ads. Twitter. SEO. Opt-in Pages, Articles, Blogs.

When I see this, it drives me crazy. And breaks my heart. Because I believe the best way to get your business off the ground, or accelerate the profit's of your current business is NOT to do more.

But to do LESS.

Because, while many of these avenues can help, they all take time. Money. Even technical expertise.

But none of them leverage the ONE core skill that can generate more revenue more quickly that any other avenue

And the tragedy is that many entrepreneurs, with talents and genius that can transform the world, create massive change and massive profits, give up one step short of success. Or struggle needlessly for years. Because they don't know about it.

Well I'm sick and tired of letting this happen. Because I built a 7-figure business relying primarily on this one skill. It's helped create six-figure paydays for me (literally) on more than one occasion. And now … for the first time ever … you can receive instant access to the exact step-by-step formula that propelled my success. And can propel yours as well!

It's a hot-off-the-press, cutting edge offering folks have literally been begging me to do. And it reveals the key core secrets to transform simple 15-minute conversations with prospects into the kind of massive revenue that can deliver you from having to worry about money ... forever.

Conversations to Cash The Be The Change Formula to Financial Freedom

And not only can it help you bring in massive amounts of revenue lightning fast.

But it's something ANYONE can do.

How do I know?

I gotta tell you -- I can barely turn on a computer. I don't know a darn thing about the ins and outs of Facebook. When I want to create a video, I have to ask people to shoot or produce it for me. I would even be helpless trying to post something to my blog.

But the one thing I know like the back of my hand is how to transform short, 15-minute conversations into life-changing experiences for your prospects. Creating massive transformation in their lives. And a colossal cash infusion you and your business can rely on again and again.

Because here is the truth: I have used 15-minute laser sessions to make a million dollars

That's right: 7-figures. Not from fancy tech gobbledy gook. Not from some new technique even the experts are still trying to figure how to make money from. But from simply talking to people. Over the phone. Right from my home.

People have pleaded with me: Suzanne, please tell me exactly what you do on those 15-minute calls. How you can take skeptics and turn then into enthusiastic fans who gladly pay for your big-ticket events and coaching programs?

So … after some pretty extensive arm-twisting … I have decided to teach the formula to those who are truly ready to put overwhelm behind them. And skyrocket their income … as I did mine. Literally … just minutes from now … you can peer behind the curtain, and discover powerful mindset transformation techniques and simple profit-boosting secrets you can use to create a growing, thriving empire. Just as I have.

Replaced his corporate 6-figure income in less than one year

Suzanne Evans

Make no mistake: This is THE PIVOTAL SKILL
that can rescue your business from near ruin.

Than can create the breakout success you have been yearning for. That generates the cash that allows you to free yourself from the shackles of your business. That finally allows you to realize the promise of freedom you started your business to experience.

DesertImagine … for a moment … you are dropped in the middle of a desert. With nothing. Could you generate badly needed revenue instantly with Facebook? Twitter? Blogs? Hardly.

But if you dropped me in the middle of nowhere. With nothing but a cell phone. Within an hour I will have generated cash: Thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars! And when you are able to experience this for yourself, you will experience the massive freedom that has literally transformed my life into something I COULD NOT HAVE IMAGINED, even just a few years ago.

From scraping to pay their bills to multiple 6-figure income

Suzanne Evans

This isn't some flowery BS. This isn't some new-agey saying designed to get you to buy something. (Why would I waste your time with that crap?).

Because sales isn't about "getting someone to buy something". it's about -- and only about -- that precious moment, that one instant someone makes the decision to invest in an ideal future state. The dream they've been searching for. That long cherished goal they've been yearning for.

Can you see why sales is sacred? Yes, sacred!

Because the moment your prospect buys, is the moment they decide to change their life. And not just in a dreamy way. But in a committed way. In which they get behind their transformation with their entire being.

Crystal BallSo you aren't "selling them into a program". You are inspiring them with a vision of what is possible and asking them to step inside it.

And in that moment, they experience their future in the present.

They experience their transformation, not as something that might happen. Or that they will try to make happen.

They experience a taste of it in that moment.

Can you see why I love to sell? Can you imagine how powerful your life and your business will be when you discover how to see sales in this way? That is why Conversations to Cash is so powerful. That's why it's so unique. And why you should invest in it now.

There is no more profound moment than the instant your prospect chooses to invest in the highest possible vision for their lives. And this is the process, the state, the experience you will be able to facilitate -- at will -- when you join for this amazing program.

Because when you enroll now, you will discover:

Conversations to Cash How to structure your conversations so your prospects see possibility — instead of your fee.
Conversations to Cash Keys to finding yourself absolutely at ease - and even looking forward to each sales conversation.
Conversations to Cash Powerful mindset shifts, that allow you to focus on the amazing gifts you have to offer, knowing they are worth every penny your prospect pays.
Conversations to Cash Ways to talk about the benefit's of your service, so your prospects are excited as you are to get started
Conversations to Cash And most importantly - a simple system that allows you to be TOTALLY in sync with your values while selling.


"Doing our numbers has helped me focus on a real way to reach my money goals"

Anne Whitfield

Because here is the truth that will set you free:
Hope is no longer enough.

Because action, under the guidance of a skilled mentor, is necessary for your prospects to realize their dreamsWhat is? Action. Because action, under the guidance of a skilled mentor, is necessary for your prospects to realize their dreams.

Because when we reach that state:

  • When wishes are no longer enough
  • When visions are no longer enough
  • When dreams are no longer enough

We discover that intention backed up with commitment,
resources and action is EVERYTHING.

And it's only when you give your prospect the opportunity to invest in your offerings that they get to experience all of these in the same place!

And when you join us for Conversations to Cash, you will discover how to offer the talents and gifts you bring to the table to your prospects in a way that is irresistible.

It's the formula that allows you to generate cash fast. It works if you have no money or if you are rich. If you are just starting out, or an old hand. It even works (in fact it especially works!) if the idea of selling terrifies you, repels you, turns your stomach.

I assure you: You can do this.

Master the Conversation to Cash Process

Golden-EggBecause the magic of the process is so fundamental:

  • Circumstances cannot take it away
  • Recessions cannot take it away
  • Life events cannot take it away
  • Hot new fads and flavor of the month techniques can't take it away

Because the truth is, this stuff works. Day in, day out. Year in, year out. And it works in a way that is compassionate. Open-hearted. And actually helps facilitate transformation more rapidly.

"Conversations to Cash is a MUST!"

Samuel Mielcarski


Conversion rate skyrockets about 30%

Suzanne Evans

Think you can't sell? Think again! Because no matter what you do, no matter your background, no matter your circumstances, your experiences, or your outlook, you have been selling successfully your entire life!

Conversations to Cash Have you ever convinced your child to go to school when they don't want to? Congratulations! You made a sale!
Conversations to Cash Have you ever convinced your spouse to go to a movie you want to see? Congratulations! You made a sale!
Conversations to Cash Have you ever asked someone out to dinner ... and they accepted? Congratulations! You closed a sale!

Sales has been sucked out of us. It's been demonized. it's been made into the enemy. When in fact, much of what you have accomplished in life has been accomplished through sales.

The only thing you must do is to start seeing sales in a new light. And to discover and implement the simple skills and mindset shifts that enable you to do it successfully and joyfully.

The skills and shifts you will discover when you enroll in Conversations to Cash.

It's the only course that takes you by the hand and walks you, step-by-step, through everything you need to transform your life and your business with short but meaningful 15-minute conversations.

Audio Headphones 
With Six Powerful Webinar Video Sessions that will have you taking giant leaps towards your lucrative future from our very first hour together:


Session One

It's the most crucial factor in moving from struggle to success. Because how you approach your conversations with prospects is the single biggest key to realizing this virtually unlimited gold mine. Get this wrong, and you might as well call it a day. That is why we begin with these crucial strategic secrets.

session Two

The crucial place most people miss is when they fail to consider this vital question: "Why are you doing what you do?" When you are able to craft a more powerful "Why?", and hold awareness of that during your enrollment conversations, you will be stunned at how much more easily your results show up.

The power of your legacy is an amazing tool to keep you congruent and persuasive. And you will discover crucial keys to leverage it to create more successful sessions.

Session Three

If you aren't encouraged and motivated by this, you don't have a pulse! During this session you experience an amazing panel of folks who, just months ago, didn't even know where to begin. They believed sales weren't spiritual. They were terrified of even picking up the phone. And no matter what they did, they just couldn't get people to say "yes". But now they routinely close successful enrollment sessions and can rely on this crucial ability to generate thousands of dollars for the rest of their lives.

Session Four

Once you experience our one-of-a-kind I.C.A.R.E. process, you will never view enrollment sessions the same way again! Because when your talent, skill or gift can transform someone else's life, your sessions suddenly become about service, about making a difference. About taking a stand for your prospects' dreams.

During this powerful session, you will discover step-by-step secrets to scripting, conducting and closing the sale that is completely congruent with your highest values. And that changes lives.

Session Five

Our most revealing session! Because during this call, you will either make money (yes, real money, right on the call!) or discover the hidden factors tripping you up. Imagine: Years of potential struggle, nipped in the bud. Because you will have your eyes opened to what works, what doesn't and how you can move beyond your limitations. In days, hour or even minutes!

Literally thousands of dollars have been made when I have walked my private clients through this amazing process. And now, first the first time, you can experience it as well.

Session Six

One of the biggest lies in marketing is "only superstars can close big ticket sales". But during this powerful content session, you get a sneak peek at how I do it. The good news is it isn't rocket science. But if you don't know the secrets, you can struggle for years before you get it down.

Through conversation, role playing and scripting, you will discover actual components you can slip into your own enrollment discussions. To experience lucrative results that can skyrocket your financial future.

But that's not all!

Because each individual session
is divided into Laser Learning Modules.

Designed to not only have you understand what to do, but to experience powerful mindset shifts before each session is done.

Laser Learning Module One: Powerful Content

Powerful ContentThrough the years of building my business into a 7-figure powerhouse. I have learned a lot. Made a ton of mistakes. And created a soup-to-nuts system designed to make more money while helping more people.So during each and every module, you will walk away with the tips, processes and secrets I actually use, that you can use right now to transform your business.

Laser Learning Module Two: Conversation Modeling

Conversation ModelingWouldn't it be amazing if you could peer behind the scenes and experience the actual approach, questions and power phrases I use to turn the terror of sales into conversations that change lives… and energize your bank account? So your prospects not only choose to work with you, but do it willingly, happily, excitedly?

During each session you will receive amazingly subtle but powerful examples you can begin using immediately in your own business. And you will develop the ability to craft your own powerful sales process that fit's perfectly with your own clients and business.

Laser Learning Module Three: Interaction

InteractionOne of the BEST ways to cement your discoveries instantly is to experience the actual interactions that lead to sales. So you will receive ample opportunity to model sales mastery. Including powerful role playing exercises with selected volunteers. In a completely safe, supportive environment.

You will be stunned to see what is holding you back are you own fears and misperceptions. These powerful role playing demonstrations allow you to leave fears and insecurities behind forever so you can experience an unprecedented infusion of revenue into your business!

And most importantly, because many of our sessions actually give you the chance to try out what you have discovered, you will actually find yourself starting to close more sales, for more money, with greater ease than you dreamed possible. Before the course is even over!

The moment you lose your fear of sales, and experience it as a way to help someone say "Yes!" to a higher vision for their lives, is a turning point you will remember forever.

When you enroll now in Conversations to Cash, you will also receive:


PDF Session Resource Secret Worksheets

Each session comes with it's own PDF tip sheet. It may be a bullet point list of powerful phrases. It may be a diagram that illustrates how you can succeed faster. Or avoid the pitfalls that sabotage so many of us. It might be an approach or mindset shift that helps me to close 90% of my sessions.

But you will have these powerful PDFs forever. To pull out at a moment's notice at the exact instant you need that extra bit of wisdom to turn a skeptic into a true believer and buyer!

Call Recordings

Complete webinar recordings

I know how busy you are! And I would hate for a previous commitment to get in the way of your discovering this profitable step-by-step system. So every webinar, every minute, every word is recorded and available for you to access, to download, to listen to forever. I know each time I listen to recordings from my mentors I glean new eye-opening insights. And now, you will be able to do the same.

Can you see why this amazing information is a resource that lasts a lifetime?


Downloadable transcript of every webinar

While our webinar videos are powerful, I know there are times when you need to re-connect with a fact ... FAST! (Like when you are just about to convert the prized prospect into a high-paying client) Or when you are prepping for a session. That's why we have left nothing to chance.

And include a word-for-word transcript of every single webinar. That you can download to have forever. For that quick reference that saves the day. Right when you most need it!

Suzanne Evans

The Priceless opportunity to interact directly with my team of coaches, and have all your questions answered.

This is no bull -- when you join Conversations to Cash, not only will you look over my shoulder so you can model the exact strategies I have used to make well over a million dollars from 15-minute conversations.

But you receive access to 2 LIVE, stunningly powerful no-holds barred Q&A Sessions. That's right. You and Team Suzanne. So you can receive answers to your most perplexing questions. What makes these sessions so amazing is (I can almost guarantee this!) is you will receive as much value from the answers I give to your fellow Conversations to Cash Members. As you will from Team Suzanne's answers to your own questions.

But there are a few additional perks I have been holding back. And they make Conversations to Cash one of the most astounding values and opportunities you will see this year … or any year:

Our Conversations to Cash Members Forum

ForumIt's been proven: Your discoveries compound and multiply when you can share them with others. When you know you aren't alone. When someone walking the same path as you shows up with the one word that propels you through your fear. That's why once the course begins, you will have 12-weeks of unlimited access to the Conversations to Cash Members Forum.

That's 3 months of continual support from those taking the course along with you. Ask a question. Request help or support. Share victories. Or offer support to others. This is hands down the most popular feature of many of our offerings. And you will be ecstatic at how it accelerates your own success.

The 10 Ways to Help Your Clients Find Money Report

Find Money ReportWhat would it be worth to you to have 10 powerful responses to the objection most of us fear the most: "I'd love to work with you … I just don't have the money!" Because what I have discovered is in almost every case, there is ALWAYS money to do what you truly yearn for.

And I have discovered 10 of the most powerful sources of cash most folks don't even know exist. You will be stunned at the gratitude your prospects show, once they discover they DO have the resources to work with you. This powerful bonus alone may return in added revenue many times the cost of the entire course!

An All-New Blockbuster Revenue Resource:
Our Rapid Cash Creation Videos!

Rapid Cash Creation VideosConversations to Cash is a stunning collection of powerful sales secrets.

But I knew I couldn't leave anything to chance. I knew I had to do EVERYTHING to insure your success.

That is why I have added these powerful new Rapid Cash Creation Videos.

With added tips on every single session. Its almost like having me as your coach. Guiding you step-by-step through the most crucial keys to bridge the gap between being terrified of sales. And being a sales master!

And finally … an added bonus that knocks this value out of the park:

Two tickets to the Be the Change Event!
(one for you … one for a friend)

Be The Change Event 2013

One of the keys to cementing your discoveries, and making them a daily part of your life and business is support. And the level of support and community you will experience at the Be The Change Event (May 27-30, 2015) is so powerful it can bring you to tears. 3.5 full, amazing, eye-opening days to discover how to disconnect from the same old marketing tactics that don't work … and connect with amazing, movement based strategies which do!

These tickets alone are a $2,000 value.
But you get them at no extra charge the moment you enroll in Conversations to Cash.

Imagine the support and the sharing when you bring a friend, colleague or team member at no additional charge!

It's the capper and the culmination to this stunning value: Not only do you receive the secrets to sales conversions you can use for the rest of your life. But access to stunning transformative power of Be the Change. So you can walk out the door with a complete iron clad plan for a business future that exceeds anything you can imagine.

So when you look at the entire package:

Conversations to Cash The 6 Powerful Webinar Sessions
Conversations to Cash The 3 Laser Learning Modules integrated right into each session
Conversations to Cash The PDF Session Tip Sheets
Conversations to Cash The Downloadable Video Recordings of each and every Webinar Session
Conversations to Cash Powerful PDF Transcripts of every Webinar Session
Conversations to Cash Conversation Modeling in every single session
Conversations to Cash The opportunity to ask Team Suzanne your toughest sales questions in our no-holds barred Q&A Sessions

Plus the breathtaking bonuses:

Conversations to Cash 12 weeks unlimited access to the amazing CTC Members Forum, to receive support and share breakthroughs
Conversations to Cash 10 Ways to Help Your Clients Find Money Report
Conversations to Cash Six Powerful cut-to-the-chase Rapid Cash Creation Videos. With added secrets to boost your sales

And the final juicy bonus that takes this totally over the top:

A complementary ticket to the Be The Change Event for you AND a friend.

It's without a doubt, THE can't miss opportunity that can lift your business to unbelievable levels of success.

Now you might expect to pay $3,000 or more for this amazing value. And that's not some inflated BS figure!

First, the value of the two tickets to Be the Change is worth $2,000 by it'self. And that is before we even start looking at the course content!

Second, the ability to create cash on demand is priceless. (Look what it has created in my life!)

But wouldn't it be stupid to try to transform as many lives as possible with these powerful secrets, and then price it out of the reach of the people who need it most?

Of course it would!

So you won't find this amazing offer priced at $2597. Or even at $1597. This would be an absolute steal at $1297. But I am even dropping it below that.

Because I am so committed to providing you with the same financial security secrets that have made my own life a dream come true, you can enroll today in this amazing, life-changing opportunity for only $897.

That isn't a misprint. $897. For EVERYTHING!

For less than the value of ONE ticket to the Be The Change Event, you not only receive a Be the Change ticket for you and a friend, but the entire Conversations to Cash course as well.

And I am so committed to helping you experience the power of this amazing rapid cash system, I am throwing open the doors to an unprecedented installment plan: You can receive Conversations to Cash AND 2 tickets to Be the Change for 6 payments of only $167. That's not a misprint. That's not a mistake. Just an incredible offer so that no one is left behind!

Full Pay


It's a stunning offer. But it may be gone soon. Here is why:

Our room for the Be the Change Event is already oversold. That means we have distributed more tickets than the room can hold. This is because many people choose not to confirm their tickets and not show up.

However, once the number of confirmed tickets reaches the room capacity, we have to close the doors. So this jaw dropping one-time offer combo may disappear at any time.

Please, don't let that happen!

Full Pay


Enroll in Conversations to Cash now. Confirm your tickets for Be the Change for you and your friend. And know that you have taken perhaps the biggest, most important step towards a financial future free from worries about money. Free from worries about a skittish economy. And free from the feeling you constantly have to master complex new skills to survive.

Your Profit-Boosting Webinar Schedule:
6 Consecutive Weeks

Webinar Session 1:
Mindset for Money —
Mindset Secrets of Million Dollar Conversations

Webinar Session 2:
The Be the Change Financial Freedom Formula:
The Rocket Fuel of Successful Enrollment

Webinar Session 3:
Unlikely Superstars of Sales — Panel

Webinar Session 4:
I.C.A.R.E. — Five Steps to Compassionate Cash

Webinar Session 5:
Conversations to Cash Express

Webinar Session 6:
The Science of Suzanne:
Behind the Curtain of Closing Big Ticket Sales

Be the Change
May 27 - 30, 2015

You will be notified via email with access details
for each Webinar Session.

This is THE Master Skill. My own life and business prove it. And it's a way not only to ensure the success of your own Movement Based Business, but to realize the importance of the powerful transformative experience available to your prospects when they enroll in your services.

It's truly a Godsend. And it's only one click away.

Suzanne Evans

Satisfaction GuaranteePS. Oh, and what about my Help More People Guarantee! I do this because I love seeing people succeed and it is a joyous experience to watch someone grow a business and help others. If YOU take all the action steps presented over full program, show up for all the calls, and implement a minimum of three strategies, but you are not happy with the program and do not not see an improvement, then I will refund your money and let you keep all the bonuses!

Full Pay